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SIA Wildlife Control provides skunk removal services in Toronto, ON And the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We specialize in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal. Skunks are omnivorous. They tend to eat what is available per season resulting in a change of diet as necessary. Skunks have good hearing and sense of smell, but have a limited vision range of 3 meters. This makes trapping them possible without being sprayed provided it is done carefully and out of their sight. They are excellent diggers, but they cannot climb. If trapping a skunk leave the trap at low elevation accessible by ground. This information is also useful when targeting other wildlife and not trying to capture a skunk.

Skunk are mostly deck invaders, with their ability to dig the soil from underneath a deck they are the likely candidate of deck invasion. If you see a burrowing under your deck do not assume immediately that it is a skunk, it may be another animal. You may check for hair that is embedded around the entry point to determine what sort of animal has used your deck as a shelter. Other information such as smell could also be useful in your investigation.

Skunk Removal Toronto

Skunk removal in Toronto, ON is done via a skunk 1-way door. Imagine that you have a skunk burrowing under your shed for this scenario. The door is designed unidirectional which lets the skunk leave and denies it re-entry upon it’s return. We then install this door onto a galvanized carbon steel mesh which does not rust. Our technicians would further dig the skunk entry point up to a total of 4 linear feet. Then we would custom fit the mesh with the 1-way door onto the entry point. This would result in the immediate solution and eviction of your skunk and would warranty that area for a period of 2 years. However that area would be protected for as long as it has not been humanly tampered with. Due to the tendency of skunks returning and digging in other areas of the shed, deck, or porch we offer prevention packages to our clients.

In areas where immediate solutions and prevention is not possible we offer trapping of the animal. In example a skunk inside a garage where the door had been left open. If you have a problem, we can solve it. Call us today for a consultation or book an appointment. Thank you for visiting SIA Wildlife Control, we hope you found what you are looking for.

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