Squirrel Removal and Control Richmond Hill

Squirrels can damage your house if they are in your attic, walls, or even shingles on the outside. They can also get into all kinds of trouble inside the house, eating your plants and stealing food.

Squirrels can also contaminate your attic insulation with their urine and droppings, creating an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

The most common places where you’ll find about 95% of the average squirrel population is in trees.

If you face any one of them, sadly, your home is squirrel-infested! But don’t worry, we can fix it with our squirrel removal and control service.

But Why is Squirrel Removal & Control Service Needed?

There is a lot of wildlife you encounter in your day-to-day life. Some seem harmless, while others might make you run in fear.


If you happen to live near woods or fields, you will have run into some wild squirrels running around your backyard, garden, or even on your roof.

Once squirrel damage starts in your house or business, it can escalate into costly, difficult repairs to control.

Squirrels Can Cause….

  • Squirrel Infestation: Squirrels can cause squirrel infestation! That’s right, squirrel infestation. Did we scare you? Good! Don’t get surprised when we start talking about the super cute, acrobatic little critters (yes, squirrels are rodents) that live in your attic, on your trees, in your garage, and even in your mailbox. Squirrels are extremely intelligent. It makes them a challenge to capture without a professional. Professional squirrel removal means all squirrels need to be removed from your attic. All other squirrels can be inside if one is found outside, and vice versa.
  • Fire Hazards: When squirrels move into your home, there can be problems! Squirrels are destructive rodents that cause fires and other severe damage by chewing on electrical wiring and insulation. It leads to short circuits, which can result in fire and, consequently, the disrepair of your home.
  • Biting & Noise: Squirrels can be a complete nightmare, especially when you’re trying to get on with your life. They can create a general nuisance simply by their presence around the properties and homes they frequent. While squirrels are generally seen as harmless creatures, they are aggressive by nature; even a seemingly innocent baby squirrel will scratch and bite if it is irritated. They can cause physical harm if you accidentally get too close to one, especially from an animal lover’s point of view.
  • According to the Iowa State Extension, tree Destruction: Squirrels can cause tree destruction by chewing on tree trunks, branches, and roots. Squirrels will chew on the bark to sharpen their teeth or strip it from the trunk and branches to use in their nests. In addition, they may chew on the roots of a tree that is above ground. It can be particularly damaging to fruit trees, such as apple trees. Ultimately, this chewing can kill the tree.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

While squirrels are cute, they’re also dangerous. They can carry diseases such as rabies. It can be a concern for young children, the elderly, and pets.

Even if the squirrel does not have rabies, there’s still the possibility of a bite or scratch from a scared squirrel trying to defend itself.

Squirrels can also carry parasites that can cause disease in humans. These include fleas, ticks, and mites.

Squirrels in Richmond Hill will often make their nests in attics and other areas of homes. It is where they can cause serious damage.

They chew on wires which causes a fire hazard. Squirrels will urinate and defecate in your home, spreading bacteria and disease.

The same applies to their nests which contain feces and urine, and other hazardous materials.

SIA Wildlife Control specializes in squirrel removal, skunk removal, bird removal, bat removal, groundhog removal, opossum removal, and raccoon removal in Richmond Hill.

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Squirrel Removal & Control Services in Richmond Hill By Licensed Wildlife Professionals

The professionals at Sia Wildlife Services understand that squirrels and other wildlife can become a nuisance.

Squirrels are a common nuisance for homeowners in Richmond Hill, and our wildlife technicians are experts in squirrel removal.

If squirrels live in your attic, you can call us any time to book an appointment for the squirrel removal and control session.

Attics are the most commonplace to find squirrels, but they can also be found under decks and sheds.

Our squirrel exclusion and control services follow the highest industry standards so that we can guarantee that all squirrels will be removed from your property.

We only use humane methods of wildlife removal, and our technicians are highly trained and experienced in dealing with nuisance wildlife.

We always explain the removal process so that you understand what is happening every step of the way.

We also provide emergency services if needed to get rid of any squirrels in your home as quickly as possible.

Squirrels are active during the day but can end up in your home at night, so there is no need to wait until normal business hours to give us a call.


Signs to Check that Your Home is Squirrel Infested

You cannot ignore the presence of squirrels at your home, and when you find it, you should take immediate action.

If you are unsure whether your home is infested or not, then check out the signs mentioned below:

  1. If you see squirrel droppings in and around your attic.
  2. If you hear scratching noises all across the attic, especially during the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  3. If you see insulation damage in the attic.
  4. If you notice openings in the roof or roof soffits.
  5. If you spot gnawing marks on wooden furniture or any wooden surface of your home.

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Most Common Types Of Squirrels You Can See in Your Homes

  • Tree Squirrels: The Tree Squirrel is one of the most common backyard visitors in Ontario – it’s also one of the cutest! They come in two varieties – gray and black squirrels, who have bushy tails, and big black eyes. They tend to be active and live in trees during the day. Since they love nuts and seeds so much, they often hang around bird feeders or dig through trash cans for food scraps or leftovers.
  • Red Squirrels: These little guys look cute and cuddly, but they are very aggressive. They don’t seem to get along with black and grey squirrels. They tend to chew small holes on the roof to get into your attic. Because of their small size, sometimes they don’t chew and instead, fit into small gaps that makes finding the problem especially difficult.


Squirrel Removal & Control Ill Practices

Following are the ill practices that are either harmful or don’t work at all but are still implemented on a large scale. (Yes, we do not follow these practices at all!)

  • Squirrel Removal through Mothball

If you have a squirrel problem, one of the first things people will tell you is that mothballs do the trick. When it comes to animals such as raccoons or snakes, mothballs can be effective. However, for squirrels, this is not the case. Squirrels often eat mothballs, which can cause them to get sick or even die. It is not a humane way to remove them from your property.


  • Squirrel Removal through Animal Urine

Another method of squirrel removal people try is animal urine. If you buy coyote or fox urine and place it around your house and yard, many believe it will drive off all mammals and insects.

However, this isn’t true either. While it may deter some small animals like mice and rabbits, it doesn’t work on larger animals like squirrels.

  • Squirrel Removal through Radio

It is an old method popularized by national pest control companies about 50 years ago.

The idea was that squirrels would flee the area if they heard loud music coming from a radio. It was effective for a few weeks but eventually failed because the squirrels got used to the noise and returned.

This method still pops up once in a while, but it is not effective enough to spend money on it anymore​.


  • Squirrel Repellent, Sprays, & Gels

Squirrel repellents are sold in granules, liquid sprays, and aerosols (gels). They are always odorless to humans. However, they don’t bring effective results.

  • Squirrel Removal through Rat Traps

We have never met anyone who has successfully removed squirrels using rat traps. The only thing that happens is you end up with dead squirrels stuck in your attic or ceiling.

  • Squirrel Removal through Ultrasonic Devices

Don’t spend hard-earned money on an ultrasonic device. You might as well flush your money down the toilet. These devices don’t work, and there is no scientific evidence showing they can repel animals.


Squirrels Removal: How We Do it?


We help you out in the following 2 methods:

  • Squirrel Exclusions

We perform squirrel exclusion using one-way doors. It allows the squirrels to exit but not enter back into the space.

Once all squirrels have been evicted from home, we can begin repairs as needed. Each job is different, and we will tailor our work to best fit your situation.

Sometimes a single squirrel will break in and make a mess; other times, an entire family will move in and make an even bigger mess. Either way, we can take care of it!

  • Squirrel Trapping & Squirrel Relocation (Rather than Killing!)

We also offer squirrel trapping services to remove and control squirrel infestation in your home or workplace. Not to forget that instead of killing these cute little creatures, we relocate squirrels in the wild.


SIA Wild Life Control Squirrel Removal & Control Services

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We offer comprehensive wild animal removal and wildlife control services, covering everything from ground squirrels to skunks.


As a full-service Richmond Hill wildlife Pest Control company, we handle everything from attic cleanups to attic sealing.

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