Squirrel Removal Attic Keswick October 2018

Roof line gaps that run the perimeter of a home are problematic when performing a squirrel removal in the attic. In Keswick October 2018 we arrived at a home which had squirrels in the attic via the roof-line gaps. Generally when squirrels target a home they make decent sized holes but sometimes they don’t need to when roof-line gaps are are wide. You can read more about this topic in the wildlife and roofers section of our blogs.

Squirrels chewing my roof-line

In this scenario the squirrels chose to chew the roof-line bigger for better access in and out of the attic. Anywhere where there is gaps in the roof-line is a perfect opportunity for squirrels to chew into. Because gaps provide the space required for squirrels to fit their teeth inside and begin chewing. You should note that squirrels and wildlife, like raccoons can also sense heat escaping gaps which naturally attracts them to investigate. Check out below on how we provided the squirrel removal in Keswick, Ontario.

Wildlife Removal Services

SIA Wildlife Control provides humane wildlife removal services. We specialize in raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bat removal, bird removal, opossum removal and groundhog removal. Our methods for wildlife removal include live trapping and one-way door installations with a 100% guaranteed removal. Attics, decks, porches and sheds we’ve got your covered! Contact us for consultations, questions or bookings.

Click on the image below to play the squirrel removal video!

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