Squirrel removal in Brampton February 2019

One of the problems we deal with in squirrel removal and generally wildlife removal in major cities like Brampton is the frequency of returning animals. Generally the areas where we install mesh barriers are safe as long as the material remains on the roof. In some cases we return to homes where a previous company had installed some work which are outdated from many years ago and pose problems. In this squirrel removal in Brampton a junction of the roof was sealed up by some older methods and provided an entry point behind the aluminum flashing which was installed years ago. We spent an hour on the roof before we could find where these pesky squirrels had gone into the home from.

After the inspection and locating of the hole and several hours of work we were able to install our barrier and install a one way door for the squirrels to exit. Because of the history of the house and the presence of a raccoon from last year, more barrier support was needed to ensure raccoons would not break the area in pursuit of the squirrels. You can see the pictures of the heavy gauging screening to provide protection again’st raccoon entry and squirrel entry below.

Brampton is a major city with major raccoon, squirrel and skunk problems. If you are living in Brampton with a squirrel, raccoon or wildlife problems, call wildlife removal professionals for help.

Do’s and Dont’s of squirrel removal in Brampton

  • If you have leakage on your roof and hire a roofer, make sure there is no animals inside that may have caused the problem before closing the hole.
  • Use humane one-way door systems designed for the specific animal you are removing, ensure animal is evicted before repairing any holes on your roof.
  • You can trap and relocate your animal, but first ensure all animals are removed before sealing and repairing entry point.
  • Never trap and relocate animals before, during and a few months after their baby season.
  • If you’re not sure, ask for help!

SIA Wildlife Control provides humane squirrel removal in Brampton and Mississauga regions. For a free over the phone quote call us at (647)715-6262 or email us directly from the contact-us link.

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