squirrel removal in Newmarket January 2019

What makes squirrel removal and wildlife removal interesting, is the different entry points and animal habits that you run into while on the job. Every home is slightly different than another, and it has it’s own story to tell. This Newmarket home had raccoons in the past, this year the raccoons returned and attempted to get back in but they failed to do so. As a result the hole that they created on the roof ended up being an opportunity for a squirrel to enter the attic.

Squirrel in the attic

Squirrels were spotted by the homeowner while checking out a noise in his attic through the attic hatch. Our client called us and asked for help, when we arrived we confirmed there was a squirrel running around in the soffit. After an inspection on the roof it was clear where this squirrel was entering the house and it had to be sealed. Using our one-way doors we installed the mesh and humanely removed the squirrel from the attic of the Newmarket home.

Squirrel baby removal and season

Squirrel baby season is near, and you should be educated on how to handle the situation before doing any actions on your own. Keep in mind that squirrel babies are fragile and unable to move on their own and feed. A mother squirrel will need to feed her young several times a day by leaving and re-entering the attic. If you notice a hole on your roof or hear animals running in the attic, call the appropriate professionals. During baby seasons all jobs must be done internally and externally, babies need to be removed physically while evicting adult squirrels. Babies must be reunited to a very close proximity of the entry point with the parents.

If you fail to unite the parents and the baby squirrels they will die. In these weather conditions the babies need to be kept warm until the parents can relocate them to a safe area. Access must be provided to the parents to safely get the babies out.

If you are not sure, always ask a professional. Avoid and do not close any holes without doing the procedure correctly. Failing to do perform proper squirrel removal in baby season can lead to expenses, stench and dead bodies in the attic.

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