Squirrel removal in Willowbeach October 2018

If you’re in Willowbeach and you have a squirrel problem, you’re probably looking for a squirrel removal company in Willowbeach. And if you aren’t maybe you will change your mind at the end of this. Generally homes with squirrel problems already have it bad enough with squirrels running around in the attic and chewing away at anything they desire. And those things include your roof frames, drywall, insulation and electrical wiring.

I hear noises in my attic

And you probably figured out you have squirrels in your attic because of the noises you hear up there. Usually you would hear them running around back and forth and it sounds more like scattering than running. Following all the ruckus you probably hear chewing and scratching in the attic too. Squirrels can be heard for the majority of the day. Their usual noise patterns starts anywhere from 4am – 8am when they wake you up during your much needed sleep time. And throughout the day, they go in and out regularly as they do their daily activities including nesting, hoarding food and playing. In the evening when the sun is about to set, they will be back inside getting ready to retire for the day until the next morning.


You want to have your squirrel removal done right. Pictures that are shown here on this blog are taken from a squirrel removal job which was done in Willowbeach Ontario. Our technician who was on site did an inspection of the roof and figured out what was plaguing the home. Squirrels had been going in and out for about a year through chewed ventilation caps on the roof. But what was interesting about this job, was that a raccoon was also living in the attic.

After the procedural questions and evidence found on the roof, we determined that the raccoon had gone in after the squirrels and was eating them over time and slowly taking over the attic space. Having found these details we prepared an eviction one-way door designed for both raccoons and squirrels which we successfully used to humanely remove both wildlife issues in the attic.

Wildlife Removal Services

SIA Wildlife Control provides wildlife removal services within the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, bat removal, bird removal, opossum removal and groundhog removal. Our removal methods include one-way (exclusion) devices, snaring and live trapping animals away from your property. If you have need for humane wildlife removal services contact us today!

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