Squirrel Removal Markham August 2018

Squirrel Removal Markham August 2018. Squirrel baby season is here. If you have squirrels in the attic this time of the year, there is an above 90% chance that there are babies in the attic. This means that for a successful squirrel removal from your attic, a technician needs to pull out the babies before using a squirrel one-way door. A technician needs to enter the attic and visually inspect squirrel nesting areas and remove the babies physically. This squirrel removal procedure can also be done by pulling out the soffit under the nesting if applicable.

Squirrel babies

Squirrel babies should be immobile until roughly mid September give or take a couple of weeks. One thing to know about baby squirrels is that they require nesting and warmth. In addition to shelter they need nurturing of the mother. So never attempt to remove the squirrels yourself by trapping them in the attic or removing the adult squirrels without checking for babies. Do yourself a favor and read more about squirrels here.

Questions and Answers

  • Q. Can i replace a vent that is chewed by an animal?
  • A. You can replace a vent on the roof or side vent only after removing the squirrels humanely.
  • Q. Do i need to worry about any damages done in the attic by the squirrels?
  • A. It depends on the length of stay dealing with squirrels. Squirrels tend to chew anything in their path. An inspection of the attic should be carried out regardless to spot any obvious chewing of electrical wiring and in severe cases, state of displaced insulation.
  • Q. How long will it take for baby squirrels to grow into adulthood and be able to use a one-way door without the need for physical baby removal first?
  • A. Approximately two months. There are methods of installing the exclusion (one-way) doors which assist with easier eviction of squirrels resulting in earlier squirrel removal jobs.

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