Squirrel Removal Newmarket February 2019

Another squirrel removal in Newmarket for the year of 2019. It looks like the squirrels are mobilizing and preparing for their babies. In this Newmarket home, the nifty squirrels had found an entry point which was quite genius. Thankfully the squirrels were dealt with before they could do any serious damage. Our client had heard noises for approximately 3 days and we learned that the problem was fresh. Some nesting was found near the entry site which suggested the squirrels were preparing their new home for the arrival of new family members.

Sorry squirrels, we found out what you were up to! Our squirrels had left evidence on the fence of the backyard of their chewing and gave away their entrance. Take a look at the pictures below, you can see the wood that had fallen onto the fence from where they chewed to get into the home’s first floor ceiling.

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