Squirrel removal Newmarket October 2018

SIA Wildlife Control provides squirrel removal services in Newmarket. Typically we remove wildlife from window wells, sheds, decks, porches and attics. This is a typical squirrel removal from an attic story. Occasionally we find problems when trying to remove wildlife such as accessibility. Accessibility is a big issue when it comes to removing animals from confined spaces. In this situation we had solar panels which were installed on a home in Newmarket.

We had the solar panels removed in order to access the damaged areas and begin our squirrel removal and roof repairs. Keep on reading to find out how the squirrels got in the attic in the first place and why it became a challenge to remove them.

Solar Panels

Solar panels on a roof can be a problem when dealing with animals. There are things that can go wrong. Raccoons and squirrels are looking for shelter all year long, but especially when it’s baby season. It can become difficult for raccoons and squirrels to find a shelter. Their natural habitat is forested areas, and they each require fairly sized trees to make their dwelling. In developed cities such as Newmarket and especially Toronto, adequate trees are rare to non-existing. As a result we have a province wide problem dealing with animals getting into our homes and making a mess.

Solar panels are fine as long as they are installed properly with critter guards. If you have or are planning to install solar panels make sure you are installing the right material. Squirrels for example can chew aluminum, wood and plastic. So you want to make sure your critter guard is a fairly strong gauge of carbon steel.

The best example of an improper critter guard was on this Newmarket home that we provided squirrel removal for today. The solar panels had a plastic critter guard installed, which oddly enough wasn’t the source of the problem. The critter guards were installed improperly, there were gaps the size of a tennis balls and even larger in some areas. This provided squirrels more than enough room to squeeze under and begin chewing away at the roof ventilation caps.

SIA Wildlife Control provides wildlife removal services within the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in the removal of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, birds, opossums and groundhogs. For a quote over the phone, questions or service bookings contact us directly on the contact-us page, or call (647)715-6262. Get help today!

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