Squirrel removal Scarborough February 2019

Squirrels getting in a Scarborough home nearing the March baby season. In this scenario time is of the utmost importance as soon there will be babies. What makes babies difficult to deal with? In areas that are confined with no access, physical baby removal becomes an issue. Generally squirrel babies don’t make noises and therefor it’s very difficult to find them and remove them. In these situations it’s best to wait until the babies grow to a mobile stage where they leave the nest. Once the timing is right, then it is the correct time to install a one-way door and evict the entire family.

Thankfully this squirrel removal in Scarborough didn’t require the above scenario. The entry point was not created by squirrels, but rather found by them. It’s uncertain how the access point was left available, but it was a building issue which allowed for squirrels to entry the attic space.

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