Why Wildlife Proof Your Home

Wildlife has become increasingly more problematic where we live. Seasons do not have much impact on the probability of your home or backyard being breached by raccoons, squirrels, skunks, opossums, bats etc. In the winter, animals are looking for shelter and a place where they can prepare for their mating season. Most people are not aware that a wildlife problem could be right around the corner waiting to happen. The concept to keep in mind is that wildlife, in order to survive needs to be cautious. As a result most animals have more than 1 home. A raccoon for example has multiple dens in the neighborhood it resides in. This is a survival instinct that animals have in order to survive a variety of problems they face, such as territory invasion. What does it mean for you?

Chances are you have already become victimized by wildlife, And if not that’s great because you can take steps to prevent a future occurrence from happening in the first place.  And if you already have a problem, you already know the headaches that it can bring to your family, pets, and property.

Our technicians have had years of experience dealing with properties infested by wildlife intruders. This has thought us over and over again where problematic areas occur on/in people’s homes. Experience and understanding is key to finding a proper and permanent solution(s) to issues which rise before or after animals have entered a residential or commercial area.

By preventing all the possible access points we eliminate the chances of wildlife intrusions. Our work is guaranteed, if we wildlife proof your home you are rest assured that your wildlife problem is gone and never coming back, guaranteed!

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This photo shows a vent protected from being chewed by squirrels, or forced open/damaged by raccoons and any other wildlife.


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