Wildlife Under Deck?

Deck Wildlife Removal

If you’re hiring for Deck Wildlife Removal, such as skunks or raccoons and groundhogs there are some really important things to consider. Before doing it yourself or attempting any DIY methods read some of our content below. More information can be found throughout the site blogs to educate you.

Wildlife Under Deck?

Occasionally we find animals have found their way under our deck, sheds, or property. These things happen, as we construct more deeper into wildlife territory. Animals begin to lose grounds in which they used to live in peacefully. The frustration that a skunk is spraying under your deck or a raccoon is doing #2 in your property is understandable. But you should always consider doing things the right way. As with everything else in life, doing anything the wrong way or without knowledge can lead to disasters which turn into expenses.

Things to do

Here are some steps of what you wanna do if you suspect wildlife having burrowed under your deck. First let’s start with entry points. It’s important to know what type of animal has burrowed under your deck. You don’t want to block in an animal in an attempt to do your own raccoon removal, skunk removal or wildlife removal. When you find an entry point in the soil towards the deck or a shed you need to find evidence that could help you learn which animal is inside. It’s not recommended to do your own animal removal unless you have the right one way door and equipment.

Let’s assume for a moment that you have a one way door and you know which animal burrows under your deck. The next step is to understand if your animal is nocturnal or not. Using a one way door to remove the said animal knowing it’s daily or nightly routine helps. You should always allow ample amount of time for the animal to exit and make sure it is no longer inside. Just remember, letting professionals do it makes it a lot more easier, safer and accurate.

Things not to do

We received a call regarding dead opossums under a deck. For this moment we are going to refer to the caller as Joe, although that isn’t his real name. Joe has never dealt with a wildlife problem before. When he called us he was confused as to what exactly went wrong. We asked Joe if he found or blocked any dug up soil on the perimeter of his deck. He was surprised as he remembered having found such an area and putting rocks in it’s void. This is where Joe went unknowingly wrong. When he called us he had no idea how a family of opossums had died under his deck. But after the questions we asked, which were required to do our job, he felt guilty and sorry.

I decided to write this blog in response to our calls for the sole purpose of public education. The point we’re trying to make is don’t block entry points of animals. If you are tight on budget, live with the animals a bit longer until you can afford to have a professional wildlife removal done. Removing dead animals still costs money. Maybe even more money than removing it humanely with a one-way door. Hire a professional company to do your deck wildlife removals, it will save you guilt, time, and stench.

SIA Wildlife Control provides wildlife removal services within the GTA. We specialize in the removal of raccoons, skunks, squirrels, birds, opossums and bats. Our team will inspection your home and property where we will find and remove animals from attics, sheds, decks and porches. Contact us or call us directly at (647)715-6262 for service requests or inspections.